Looks de madrina perfectos para las bodas

Perfect bridesmaid looks for weddings


Although plain dresses are popular among godmothers and mothers of the bride, prints are gaining ground in their most romantic version this coming year.


For the godmothers of 2023, sophistication means giving importance to the details in their look. From plays on textures to vintage-inspired sleeves, through asymmetries and glamorous cuts, everything adds up if placed in the right measure.

red flattering

Bold, striking and not suitable for the discreet. This is red, a bright tone with which guests and bridesmaids always win points, although it should be dressed without falling into excess, opting for the most minimalist version of the design and with discreet accessories.

With feathers

Stylists and designers agree that there are trends from last year that will reach the pinnacle of style in 2023. Feathers belong to this select group.

with cape

Without a doubt, the cape has been the true viral phenomenon, the most sought-after accessory at weddings in 2022. Experts suggest that its success will continue in 2023, through new fabrics and looks for all ages.

'Midi' length

Because not all godmothers look for the traditional, more and more are opting for a Midi and comfortable design. Especially in civil weddings, these types of dresses can be reused more easily after the big day. However, opting to show your ankle does not mean giving up elegance.

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